Capital Carpet Company is dedicated towards complete satisfaction in making custom rugs that will be a unique masterpiece for its Customers. We can create a rug that is perfectly matched to your custom requirements. Our expertise will help you in the process whether it is a piece of Yarn, fabric or leather or anything you can provide us. The rug can be made in any shape and sizes using different natural fibers and yarns.

Before making the sample or final rug we will show you the simulated drawing of the proposed design which will help you to see how the final rug might look. We can also offer you a free small sample with small deposits. A sample will help you to feel and see the actual textures and colors of the rug.

Depending upon the sizes, numbers of colors and complexities of weaving a rug takes four to eight months or longer in a case of very large or complex rug. We will keep you posted on the progress by email with the pictures. You will be happy with the delivery of a completely unique piece of art made by our highly skilled craft men and women.

There is no limit of ideas of designs. We can help you creating a completely new masterpiece of the rug based on your ideas. We help you to explore different textures and material. We weave your dream rug that last decades, all you have to do is dream your desire.


You can provide us with your own design and we will work on it or if you don’t have a specific concept or design in your mind, not a problem our designing team can work with you to create a unique art of work. We will ensure the character of your rug design works are in harmony with the surroundings and also reflects you and your lifestyle.

Colors and Textures

We have a vast collection of shades of color to choose from and can help you to match shades within your requirement. We work with the finest raw materials to create rugs of exceptional quality. These materials include Wool, Viscose, Silk, Cotton, Chenille, Hemp and Jute. The yarn can be woven using different techniques including cut pile, loop pile, flat weave, soumak weave. We will assist in selecting the texture you require and also help you in selecting materials and colors that will suit to the interior and decoration of your place

Dimensions and Shapes

We can have your custom rugs and carpets woven in any size or shape from Rectangle to Square to Round and Oval etc as per the requirement. We also specialize in manufacturing unique wall to wall carpet and feature stair runners for residential and commercial purposes.


Once we have all the required information related to the Custom made Carpets & Rugs, our designer will create a scaled image of the design for your approval. This will be drawn to match the colors and textures chosen and will be captured as life-like as possible.


Once the custom design and colors are approved, we will proceed with the sample and after your approval the order will be sent to the production for weaving the main carpet. Weaving time may vary depending on the size, quality and quantity of the order.